Innovation through collaboration

Diamond Edge Ventures (DEV) is the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm of
Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG).

DEV was established in July 2018 to bring outside innovation to MCG Group companies through equity investments, technology development partnerships, and commercial collaborations with innovative startups.

Based in Menlo Park, California, and supported by a team in Tokyo, Japan, we establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships between startups, DEV, and the MCG Group.

True innovation takes time. We are patient and committed to the success of our portfolio companies. We believe in sharing our deep and diverse experience, technology and business capabilities, and worldwide reach to help our partners realize their goals.

Who we are


As a CVC organization, we target strategic engagements with potential for significant impact on MCG Group companies. These engagements can come from new technologies, new emerging markets, or new business models.

The Power of Partnership

Even in long-established industries, we believe that startup partnerships can ignite revolutionary change. DEV was established to tap into this rich innovation source to help us create the MCHC Group of tomorrow. We like to be surprised, and we consider proposals from startups directly related to our current business areas (below), as well as emerging areas that may lead to the next pillar of growth for MCG Group.

Talk to us, and let’s help each other to realize our dreams more quickly by working together!

Business Lines

Through our three business domains, Performance Products, Industrial Materials and Healthcare we offer a wide range of solutions, based on the values of sustainability, health and comfort.

Performance Products

Performance Products

We contribute to realise a sustainable society by providing differentiated, high-performance solutions utilising the Group’s wide range of products and technologies.

  • Information, electronics and display
  • High performance films
  • Environment and living solutions
  • Advanced moldings and composites
  • Advanced polymers
  • High performance chemicals
  • New energy
Industrial Materials

Industrial Materials

Our products and technologies support a variety of industries and societies. We are proceeding with the diversification of raw materials, including renewable resources and strengthening our business structures.

  • Industrial gases
  • Carbon
  • Petrochemicals
  • MMA


Capitalizing on the Group’s comprehensive capabilities and network, we develop businesses for pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediate pharmaceutical formulation materials, advanced medication.

  • Ethical pharmaceuticals
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates
  • Capsules and pharmaceutical equipment
  • OTC products


Sundar Sundareswaran, PhD.

Interim President

Prior to this role, he was a Fellow at the World Economic Forum, representing Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings since 2018. He served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Teledyne Imaging Sensors and General Manager of Teledyne Judson Technologies from 2013 to 2017. He held research and team leadership positions during 1997-2013 at Rockwell Scientific Company. Sundar received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University in 1992.

He concurrently heads The KAITEKI Institute (TKI), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

Jeff Gerbec, PhD.

Director of Science & Technology

Jeff received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of California Santa Barbara. He joined Mitsubishi Chemical Corporate R&D in 2006 where he focused on advanced Li ion battery materials, flexible barrier film and polymeric packaging materials. In 2017, he moved out of the lab to help Mitsubishi Chemical identify strategic opportunities in advanced technology in the Americas, aligned with growth-driver businesses.

He is been a key member of the Diamond Edge Ventures team since inception and leverages his past experience as a chemist with emphasis on applied to provide unique insight on how to link operational business needs, market drift and emerging technology. When he’s not traveling, Jeff is an avid photographer.

Bob Christopher

Senior Director of Innovation

Bob is the former Director Innovation at Panasonic where he led development of solutions in robotics, automotive, logistics, agriculture and industrial IoT. During his time at Panasonic Bob built a strong ecosystem of relationships in Silicon Valley with major technology companies, investors and startups.

Bob is a well-known entrepreneur for his pioneering efforts in robotics where he co-founded Ugobe (maker of Pleo), Anybots and participated in the development of Jibo.


Diamond Edge Ventures has proven to be a knowledgeable investor willing to advocate for us to its business, MCHC, and to other likeminded investors. The relationship that we have with DEV and MCHC is more than about an investment in our company. It is adding to the likelihood that we will be successful in creating a de facto standard technology for the Augmented Reality markets.

Chris Pickett, CEO

Working with MCHC as a strategic investor and customer has been invaluable in accelerating the validation of our technology, guiding our future roadmap and finding new opportunities for our products. We’ve been impressed by the speed with which we have engaged with multiple business units in both Japan and the U.S. and by the level of support they’re giving after the investment.

Alex Reed, CEO

Diamond Edge Ventures connected up to the MCHC organization to provide AddiFab with deep technical knowledge and an understanding of potential needs to be addressed. After the investment Diamond Edge Ventures has been essential for the development of the business within MCHC Group companies which we now believe will be key to our success

Lasse Staal, President

We are very happy with Diamond Edge Ventures’ investment of in Lactips. DEV has a special process compare to other venture capital firms: they identify the better strategic MCHC BU to do business with, and then follow up the relationship till the collaboration ends up with a final product on the market. This financial and business support makes it a win-win for us, DEV and MCHC.

Marie Hélène Gramatikoff, President

Diamond Edge Ventures was instrumental in bringing together professionals from around the world to virtually broker an incredibly complex deal during a very challenging time for the global business community. Their professionalism, efficiency and expertise helped us closed the deal in record time. The access they gave us to MCHC will ensure our product’s success with key customers.

Bruno Morel, President


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